NirvanaFitness education is an one day event, that will give you complete training on how to lead “Nirvana breathing fitness to music” group classes. To sign up for an education event, click “REGISTER NOW” button or contact us directly at ( for any further questions.

Education day location

7. May, Saturday, Rome, Italy
From 9h – 17h


Primary education/certification
Phase I: Pre-education over internet (2 weeks before main education day, step by step basics introduction, video tutorials)

Phase II: Main education day (lead by certified Nirvana education specialist)
– Introduction to the NirvanaFitness
– NirvanaFitness Class anatomy
– Functional anatomy & exercises
– Breathing techniques & breathing philosophy
– Nirvana MasterClass (Presentation of Nirvana breathing fitness to music choreography)
– Music, queing, instructions
– Business solutions & marketing plan (Implementation of Nirvana fitness)

Phase III: Post-education over internet (constant education and marketing support)

Music CDs & DVD workouts with Nirvana Choreographies
Receive four(4) NirvanaFitness™ music CD compilations with pre-choreography video tutorials & more. New choreographies are demonstrated with clear video presentation and instructions on an added DVD (includes four(4) amazing NirvanaFitness™ breathing to music choreographies with breathing rhythm cues & voice over, supported by the Nirvana’s binaural ThetaWave technology). Additionaly we offer tutorial videos for every exercise in your NIN profile. For more information write to

Rhythmic & relaxing chillout music with Nirvana ThetaWave technology for super simple class lead (binaural beats)
Mesmerizing chillout beat music accompanied by breathing sound ques is telling you exactly how to breathe at which point in an exercise flow.

This means instructor is relieved from counting and managing an exercise sequence … class is lead with a complete support of a CD voice over.

Music CD compilations include Nirvana ThetaWave technology with binaural beats that directly influence your relax centers through process of “brain entrainment”.

NirvanaFitness™ class choreographies on a DVD & Official Instructor Manual
Four Nirvana class choreographies with clear demonstration supported by original music, sound ques & graphic info wall.
Learn quick with the help of step by step instructor manual with tips & exercise modifications.

NirvanaFitness instructor franchise license to teach

Brand license subscription and a license to use marketing tools and brand name of NirvanaFitness.

How long is my certification valid?
With NirvanaFitness Instructor certificate you get certified for life and you are able to teach anywhere in the world under license agreement.

When does my instructor license to teach NirvanaFitness class expire?
License to teach through NirvanaFitness franchise license extends to one year from the date of education day. After this period you will be prompted and invited to extend license for further year (for the price of 99 € + VAT for the online download version or 129 EUR + VAT for 4 new music CDs and a DVD with 4 new choreographies plus online download version).

Learn more about the Franchise license prolongation

And that’s not all 🙂 Every instructor receives complete marketing support

Your own personalized “ready to go” website
(managed from your own NIN backend profile)

Complete marketing materials with personalization
(download and add your own contacts, schedule …)

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